Problem downloading python

Hello. im using windows 10 (64byte) and i cant seem to download python correctly. when i enter ‘python’ in cmd it doesnt open python, when i try to use it as an interpeter in pycharm i get ‘CreateProcess error=5, Access is denied’. i have downloaded python many times but for some reason it doesnt work. any help?

Exactly what steps did you take to do this?

Just to make sure: you understand that the file that you download from is an installer, right? So you need to run the installer in order to have Python installed on your system.

I run the installer as an administrator, using administrator privileges and add path. However using the interpreter in pycharm doesn’t work and when I type python in the command line, it opens Microsoft store showing me the app Python to download

For some reason the problem was with pycharm. After I deleted pycharm and installed python, python worked perfectly.

Just make sure your Python.exe file is in your windows PATH variable. If you need instructions for this just ask.

EDIT: I just learned py.exe is in c:\windows, which I normally don’t add to my path. So add c:\windows to your path as well.

These are two separate problems, and neither is or was Pycharm’s fault.

For the first one, you need to understand how to tell Pycharm about where the Python interpreter is, and which one to use. You also need to understand that Pycharm will typically create its own virtual environment based off of that Python.

For the second, please read:

Especially my answer there.