Problem using fundcrunch library

Good afternoon everybody.
I`m trying to get prices of cryptocurrency pairs using fundcrunch library.
Here is the code:

import json
from fundcrunch import Feeder

feeder_conf = { ‘port’: [9001, 8010, 7001],
‘addr’: ‘’,
‘exchanges’: [{‘name’: ‘binance’,
‘pairs’: [‘BTC/USDT’],
‘mode’: [‘order_book’, ‘trades’, ‘ohlc’]}]

subscribe = [‘ohlc-binance-BTC_USDT’,

feeder = Feeder(config=feeder_conf, subscribe=subscribe)

while True:
rcv = feeder.output.get()
topic, payload = rcv.split(b’@’,1)
payload = json.loads(payload)
print (topic, payload[‘price’])

When I`m trying to execute it at first gives the prices, but then execution stops with the error as follows:

└─$ python
02:08:39 Note: NumExpr detected 12 cores but “NUMEXPR_MAX_THREADS” not set, so enforcing safe limit of 8.
02:08:39 NumExpr defaulting to 8 threads.
[binance] PUSH 9001
[binance] preconfigured symbols… [‘BTC/USDT’]
[drivers_pull_pub] [PULL] tcp://
[drivers_pull_pub] [PUB] tcp://
[SocketEndpoint] [XSUB] tcp://
[SocketEndpoint] [XPUB] tcp://
[binance_ws] started with 1 pairs [‘order_book’, ‘trades’, ‘ohlc’]
[ccxt binance] [‘info’] 1 symbols, rate_limit 0.05
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38945.35000000
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38945.67000000
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38945.67000000
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38947.87000000
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38949.78000000
b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ 38949.77000000
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/Documents/”, line 25, in
print (topic, payload[‘price’])
KeyError: ‘price’

Why ‘price’ is the key error I can not understand, because there is such key.

b’trade-binance-BTC_USDT’ dict_keys([‘message’, ‘exchange’, ‘symbol’, ‘timestamp’, ‘price’, ‘amount’, ‘side’, ‘info’, ‘feeder_nonce’])