Problem using session token. Many examples but none working

I make my request from a server:

obj = requests.Session()
response = obj.request('get','', auth = HTTPBasicAuth(userName, password), verify = False)

Here is the first part of the returned header; the server creates the session token:

‘SessionToken’: ‘UVFlMTJJSENVTllpdThOR3hrZVpPY2dPQUR0c2MwZWtMYWFRdWZKam50S1AwRmVZNWZ0ZUliRENDbWFZNnJFUTJ3K2YzRmZxNVFXRk5USEJIcCtvUWc9PQ==’, ‘Set-Cookie’: 'SessionToken=“QQe12IHCUNYiu8NGxkeZOcgOADtsc0ekLaaQufJjntKP0FeY5fteIbDCCmaY6rEQ2w+f3Ffq5QWFNTHBHp+oQg==”

Now I want to make more requests with

def make_authenticated_request(url, session_token):
headers = {‘Authorization’: 'Bearer ’ + session_token}
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers, verify = False)

my status code returns 401. What am I dong wrong?
How do I code in order use the header information originally provided by the server?

thank you.

first post

You are sent a cookie, notice the Set-Cookie headed.

You can add the cookie to your future requests using a feature of requests called a cookie jar.
There is an example in the SO post python - Putting a `Cookie` in a `CookieJar` - Stack Overflow