Problem with IDLE

I installed python-3.12.0-amcd64 for windos and i cant find the IDLE or python shell from the start or search bar what is the solution?

Hey Abdurahman did you install python correctly and selected the checkbox to include python PATH?.. nywy try reinstalling following this

why i cant choose the first option?

What operating system are you using. windows 10 or 11?

widows 10. and windows 11 is another problem :smiling_face_with_tear: :

oh gosh that’s annoying.
do you know if python 3.12 is availbble for windows 10

yes of course is available for windows 10 but for me i face problems

that’s weird.
what processor and what year is your computer from?

right now I’m using MacOS ventura butr when I was using windows it was working fine for me

wait do you want to have it available for all users.
if so do you have more than 1 user?

only 1 user

that’s the problem you can’t put it on all users because you’re the only user

which windows do you use?

windows 10

do you know how i can install windows 11?

as you said above you can’t upgrade becasue of your computer chip and possibly year