Problem with parenthesis errors in shell IDLE

I am trying to build an esolang in Python, however, it includes the use of ‘}’ and whenever it is typed, an error noise occurs. Although I could change the symbol, it would be nicer if there was a way to circumvent the noise instead. I couldn’t find any solutions in preferences, and nothing much about it on the internet. If anybody knows how to stop the noise from playing, that would be great.

So you can remove the bell noise when the brackets mismatch by going to Options > Configure Idle > General and unticking ‘Bell on Mismatch’ (This is for 3.8, might be different for older versions)

Although, it might be easier to develop your esolang in a multilingual ide like VSCode, where you could even write an extension to give syntax highlighting for your esolang. You might find Idle keeps complaining about your syntax as it expects python

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Thanks, that worked great! I completely missed that when looking in the options before. That’s an interesting suggestion about VSCode, I might look into that.