Problems with schedule

I am new to python and a very long time since I wrote any code. I am trying to write something for a RPi3 and I am following the examples I have found. Schedule 0.6.0 was successfully installed according to the terminal window. When I run my code with Thonny on the Pi I get the error “ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘schedule’”. import schedule is the first line in the code. I even copied an example from a website and pasted it in as new code and got the same error. What do I do?

I get the error “ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘schedule’”.

Because schedule is not part of the Python standard library so you have to
install it first to be able to use it, like so:

python3 -m pip install schedule

Does it work?

Thonny has a helper menu for installing packages. This could perhaps be useful to ensure that you are installing a package that can be found with the Python version used for your Pi.

Yes, thank you. It works now. When I entered pip install schedule in the terminal I got feed back that indicated it was installing followed by schedule 0.6.0 successfully installed. If using pip install schedule doesn’t really work why did i get a message that said it was successfully installed? I’m guessing my first install did not install schedule to python 3 , but the python3 -m pip install schedule did, correct?

There are too many variables to know what you did and what happened, but
my guess is that your first attempt to install schedule with pip used a
different version of Python to the one that you subsequently ran.

I expect that you probably have at least two versions of Python