Proc.wait() function/process exited/released the thread even job is running on bsub


I am running a python script on bsub with 100 hours time out on bsub(on python2.7.5). in the script, a executable/simulation is running with help of subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)then waiting with process.wait() function. But process.wait() function is exiting/releasing the thread just after 48 hours and moving to end of the script even bsub job is still running.
But When I run same thing on python3.6 version. process.wait() is waiting till the process is completed.
Is this expected to work on python3.6 version? Or Is anything is missed at my end on python2.7.5?

Please do let me know if any extra information is needed.

Bhoopathi P.

You seem to have solved the problem by using python 3.6.
Just use 3.6. Python 2.7.5 is truly ancient and unsupported for many years.