Procedural generation of buildings

Hi There

I would like to implement an application which produces procedural generated 3D graphics of buildings with some noisy kind of variations. Within the buildings there should be some objects, which are “deduced” from basic object types i defined, like a chair or a table (also PCG). For the Buildings, there would also be the possibility to define some basic types. Like a temple or a castle or such things.


  1. Is Python a good or “the right” language for this, and if not: which should i use then?

  2. If yes: Are there nice Pyhton (PCG) libraries (hopefulle opensource) which i can use to adress this problem?
    Or are there other tools to simplify the implementation.

  3. I’m not really into procedural content generation at the moment: Any approach to get really into it?

Thanks a lot for helping


Did you try Googling for something like “opensource library for generating virtual cities”?

I’m afraid what you’re asking for is pretty specialized knowledge. You may have better luck asking on an AI forum than a Python forum.