Program w/ quick launch

I’m designing a password manager and it would have some options, for example: -l to list user and password profiles; -n to create a profile; -d to delete; -g to generate a random password. I want to know how to write the code in a way that combines the program and the option. Ex: how to write code with output “passwd_gen -n” and other combinations with python.

I’d suggest that you have a read of the Argparse Tutorial and then try to code a basic script around what you need, then ask specific questions if you hit something that you can’t do.

It’s not a library that I’ve used, but (as it happens) it is a library that I’m looking at for one of my projects.

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There is an existing command line password manage that is very high quality (IMO).
And its available on all OS, I think only from WSL on Windows

It written and actively maintained by a security expert, Jason A. Donenfeld.

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