Progress on free-threaded binaries on Windows?

Just wondering on the status of no-GIL builds on Windows so far.

Any open issues that prevent distribution of no-GIL builds on Windows so far?

These issues are not specific to Windows but may affect distributing binaries for Windows in one way or another:

To be honest, that issue is not informative at this stage…

Agreed, I didn’t find any specifically addressing “progress on free-threaded binaries”.

I commented on that issue with the status for each platform. For Windows, you can download an installer from Python Release Python 3.13.0b2 | When you run the installer, you need to use the option to enable the free-threaded install.

If you want to install packages into a free-threaded venv that aren’t pure Python, you will most likely encounter some problems (as discussed in Windows installer, freethreading and building extension modules). Also, you need pip 24.1, which isn’t yet released (but you can upgrade to 24.1b1 with --pre).


The progress is that when you install using the 3.13 installer, there’s an option to include the binaries (named python3.13t.exe as specified by the steering council), and there’s also python-freethreaded on Nuget if you want something that’s more convenient for downloading during a CI build.

No builds available through the Windows Store, and no embeddable distro at this stage.

Did you expect something else?

Within the installer, where are the free-threaded binaries downloaded from?, the same place as the debug binaries and symbols would be downloaded from.

Off topic, but beta 2 is out now, which included an important fix to work with development versions of CPyhton: pip/NEWS.rst at main · pypa/pip · GitHub