Proposal of a JSON schema and approach for interpreter and environment discovery

In What information do you gather for interpreters and environments? - #25 by brettcannon , I asked editor/IDE authors about a proposal I have at Support a git-style plug-in system · Discussion #168 · brettcannon/python-launcher · GitHub about a JSON schema and approach for providing tools to discover interpreters and environments on a machine (VS Code will eventually implement this and Spyder has shown interest; the Python Launcher for Unix will be the first user as it’s the motivating example).

I’ve talked with the conda team about this (and they seem positive on the concept), but I realize posting here is probably the easiest way to reach the various virtual environment-creating tools about the proposal (e.g. virtualenvwrapper, Poetry, pipenv, etc.). I’m not explicitly expecting teams to implement this proposal (although if you want to then that’s great!), but I do want to make sure there’s no key information that’s missing or the approach somehow seems flawed before VS Code starts supporting this proposal as that will probably raise the visibility of this.