PSF 2021 Board Elections: Reminder to vote!

Deadline to vote is June 17, 2021 AoE.

If you became an eligible voting member[1] by May 31, 2021 you have received a ballot from

Check your spam folder, please. Several of us have found it in spam. We can re-send the ballot if you cannot find it. Email us at

Why should you vote?

  1. The PSF doesn’t offer many benefits to its member classes, but voting in new directors is one of those benefits. It is also a very impactful benefit to exercise. The members of the board get to vote and make decisions on behalf of the community and also help guide the PSF’s future. Here’s a list of candidates.

  2. Electronic votes require us to reach quorum. Quoted from our bylaws:

    “a quorum shall be reached as soon as one-third (1/3) of the members entitled to vote (the voting members) have cast their vote. If the voting period ends before a quorum is reached, the vote is declared void.”

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to comment here or email me ewa at python dot org.

[1] Fellow, Managing, Contributing, Supporting members


Hello Ewa!!!

I just registered, how long will I be able to vote?

Hi! The cut off to register as a member was May 31st. You will be able to vote on next year’s election though :slight_smile:

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ok, thanks for the response