PSF Board Election Dates for 2023

Board elections are a chance for the community to choose representatives to help the PSF create a vision for and build the future of the Python community. This year there are 4 seats open on the PSF board. You can see who is on the board currently here. (Dustin Ingram, Jeff Triplett, Nina Zakharenko and Thomas Wouters are at the end of their current terms.)


  • Nominations are open, Thursday, June 1st, 2:00 pm UTC
  • Board Director Nomination cut-off: Thursday, June 15, 11:59 pm UTC
  • Voter application cut-off date: Thursday, June 15, 11:59 pm UTC
  • Announce candidates: Friday, June 16th
  • Voting start date: Tuesday, June 20, 2:00 pm UTC
  • Voting end date: Friday, June 30, 11:59 pm UTC

You will need to be a contributing, managing, supporting, or fellow member by June 15th to vote in this election. Learn more about membership here or if you have questions about membership or nominations please email

Who runs for the board? People that care about the Python community, who want to see it flourish and grow and also have a few hours a month to attend regular meetings, serve on committees, participate in conversations and promote the Python community. You can learn more about what the PSF board does here.

You can nominate yourself or someone else, but no one will be forced to run, so you may want to consider reaching out to someone before nominating them. Nominations open on June 1st, so you have a few weeks to research the role and craft a nomination statement.

This year we’ll also be running office hours in Telegraph to answer questions about running for the board and serving on the board. Those will be announced soon!

The links in your post are broken for me; they all redirect to

(In fact, checking the source, all of them are simply links to the homepage.)

Here’s the same post with working links:


You can see who is on the board currently here.

Learn more about membership here or if you have questions about membership or nominations please email

You can learn more about what the PSF board does here.

You are welcome to join the discussion about the PSF Board election on our forum or come find us in Slack.

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Thanks for posting those links, Hugo.

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Since it looks like the links still don’t work in the original post, I went ahead and edited it to fix them, so they now match those in your PSF Board Election Dates blog post that Hugo linked.

I wasn’t aware that posts could be edited, so thanks for that!

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If you’ve previously self-certified as a Managing Member or Contributing Member, you need to re-self-certify each year, so please do so before the voter application cut-off next week (Thursday, June 15, 11:59 pm UTC).

From the PSF bylaws:

Section 4.2. Voting Members. Members of any membership class with voting rights must affirm each year to the corporation in writing that such member intends to be a voting member for such year.

See also Jon Banafato: "Heads up: you *do* need to re-certify your PSF ma…" - Mastodon and Jon Banafato: "Because I've spent too much time thinking and tal…" - Mastodon.

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Just to be clear, since I didn’t see it directly mentioned anywhere, the member classes and certification is is discussed and linked from the aforementioned PSF Membership page, and in particular, most folks here will be interested in the PSF Managing/Contributing Member self-certification form, assuming they haven’t already donated to the PSF this year or have an auto-renewal membership to do so (in order to qualify as a Supporting Member).

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It’s time to cast your vote! Voting takes place from today Tuesday, June 20, through Friday, June 30, 2023 11:59pm UTC. If you are a voting member of the PSF, you should have gotten an email from “OpaVote Voting Link” with your ballot, the subject line will read “Python Software Foundation Board of Directors Election 2023”. If you haven’t seen your ballot by Wednesday, please 1) check your spam folder for a message from “” and if you don’t see anything 2) get in touch by emailing so we can make sure we have the most up to date email for you.

We’re overwhelmed by how many of you are willing to contribute to the Python community by serving on the PSF board! Make sure you schedule some time to look at all their statements and choose your candidates carefully. OpaVote doesn’t let you go back and change your vote once you’ve made your choices.

Who can vote? You need to be a Contributing, Managing, Supporting, or Fellow member as of June 15, 2023 and have affirmed your voting intention by June 19, 2023 to vote in this election. Read more about our membership types here or if you have questions about your membership status please email


I clicked on the green “Vote” button, expecting to be taken to a list of candidates, but only got a “your vote has been recorded” message. I guess I’ve managed to submit a blank vote.

I assume my browser failed to load some external Javascript, but I didn’t notice an error message – it all seemed that the actual voting would happen on the next page.
So, if you’re on a flaky connection or use an ad blocker, beware!

FWIW, the same thing happened to me when I went to vote using my phone. At least I contributed to quorum. :smile:


Was able to reproduce by blocking the loading of OpaVote’s javascript.

I’m not sure how we can proceed, but I’ll do two things:

  1. Contact OpaVote support to let them know that this kinda show-stopper bug (even with clear instructions to double check before submit) exists.
  2. Research if we can somehow reset voting state for those that claim to be impacted.
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I’ve reached out to OpaVote’s support.

We unfortunately do not have a way to invalidate a ballot once it is cast (that seems good… kinda?), we can issue another ballot using a token but that relies heavily on the honor system that a ballot was actually unintentionally cast. Our ballots are anonymized so there is not a way for us to audit if a ballot was actually cast empty for a specific user.

Overall, it is an unfortunate situation. While I would like to be as helpful as possible to resolve this It feels too ambiguous.


I just tried to vote. I retrieved the OpaVote mail from my spam folder and clicked on the link. I saw the list of candidates, checked my preferences, and clicked the “Vote” button. Then…

I got the following error. What to do? I definitely did not vote before.

Doesn’t look like the error you indicated was uploaded.

Thanks for looking into this! Yeah, I’d expect a voting system to behave that way.
Hmm, maybe it would be possible for OpaVote to disable casting empty ballots?

As far as I’m concerned, if these are isolated incidents I’d rather keep my vote blank than make you allow re-casting on a honor system.

Same here.


Sorry, the mail gateway ate the error. Here it is:

That was unexpected ...

This voter has already cast a vote.

Some mitigation ideas to prevent miscast votes going forward:

  • Require at least one candidate to be selected
    • Or, require checking a separate box confirming they understand this is their vote, and their vote is final and cannot be changed
  • Ensure the platform displays a prominent <noscript> fallback stating that JS must be enabled to vote, as they should be doing anyway
    • Additionally, use a JS snippit from the same origin as the vote-display code to enable the voting button (so it is disabled otherwise)
  • Add a confirmation screen before the vote cast
    • Though I’m pretty sure I did get one, so maybe that didn’t work properly with noscript either?