PSF hiring full-time project/community manager for packaging

Great news: the Python Software Foundation is hiring a full-time project manager/community manager for Python’s packaging toolchain. Thanks to Bloomberg for the funding! Please read the announcement, check out the job description, and spread the news. Please apply by May 18th, 2021.

The job is remote and you can apply from anywhere in the world. As the description says: “Total compensation will range from $100k-$125k USD based on qualifications and experience.” And you’d report to @EWDurbin Ee W. Durbin III, a colleague I strongly recommend and love working with.

I blogged about why this role is critical. This new position does build on activities I’ve led, so I figured I’d explicitly say: I won’t be applying for it. I’m going to be, instead, excited to collaborate with this person and help them learn all the stuff I know, so that in the long run, we’ll have more people, with that set of skills and domain knowledge, working on Python packaging. I’ll concentrate on the Python supply chain security piece specifically (via the NSF-funded work at NYU).


Reminder that the PSF seeks applications by May 18th.

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