Purchasing Python education materials

Hi Ee
Do you know if it is possible to purchase education for programming in Python, and how much it is per person when working for corporation?
Does corporations pay for users/license software for Python as an open source tool?

It all depends on which particular book you would like and who is editing it. As far as I know, the Python Software Foundation does not officially provide training resources, but there is a long list of potential books / websites you can use at Resources

No, almost by definition of “open source” (which means you have the source code so you can always compile it yourself).

Business models around open source tend to revolve around providing the software for free but charging for assisted installation, hosting or technical support.

Python is developed by a community of volunteers, so it does not have such a business model (although some third-party redistributors of Python, like Anaconda, do).

And, python.org provides installers for Windows and MacOS as well. Just because you can compile it yourself doesn’t mean that you need to!