Py command on windows 8 is not recognized

When I try to open command prompt and type a python

this message appears

Hey Moha seems you haven’t installed Python
Watch this How to install Python correctly

My windows is 8 not 10

Lol… nywy run this to see if you have it installed

for %i in ("%PATH:;=" "%") do @echo %i

paste the output here

When I run the codes this error appear

I think you might need the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable.

This sounds like the same problem:

python - ImportError: DLL load failed while importing pyexpat: The specified module could not be found - Stack Overflow

Installing the ‘py’ command is optional. Are you sure that you left the box checked? I believe you can check by running the installer again if not deleted. Perhaps bring up ‘add/remove programs’ dialog, find python, and check repair/modify.

I see pyexpat is one of the std libs that should be available if you installed python correctly…instead of us going down a rabbit hole… I still suggest as earlier you reinstall python mehn… the video should apply to all windows. As @tjreedy is asking did you really click on the check box most people forget.
can you run pip command?

Can you please provide a link to the program, because I downloaded it more than once and it failed to install