Py_InitializeFromConfig from file

Hi, embedding python 312 into AutoCAD. I would like to be able to enable users to be able to create and pass a configuration to

Is there an already built in method to read this from a file? I’ve looked around be I only see options from the command line.
I would like to just read the user file and pass it along.

I expect it’s your responsibility to create the PyConfig struct anyway that makes sense in your application.

Since you want to use a file then you need to define its format, read the file and parse it into the PyConfig.

Hi, thanks for the response.

I’m wrapping Autocad’s C++ API so it can be used by Python developers, essentially making it their application. I would expect they want would control over behavior.

I was hoping there was some standard configuration file for embedded configurations. but I don’t see this as the case.

I suppose I’ll have to roll one.