Py launcher cannot be selected in the python setup. Cannot be launched in cmd

How to enable Py launcher. I don’t know the reason why I can’t select Py launcher

The box is checked. This means that it will be installed. It’s greyed out because the other option settings require it. The “for all users” box is not checked (and is also greyed out), because you need to run the installer as an admin to be able to do that.

What happens after you run the installer and try to use py at the command line, as the same user that ran the installer?

Capturepy3 thanks for reply

Can you see the py program in Programs and Features? What about where py at the command line?

In this image, you enter ‘py’ at the Python >>> prompt. Only enter python statements there. Command prompt usually gives one a path> prompt. py is a windows program, not a python statement.