Pycharm Help with Interpreter and Loading 3.11

Hello I am trying to fix my Interpreter. When I am trying to use my existing interpreter but it is blank. It makes me make a new one every single time. I have attached 3 sreen shots. I am just trying to fix this. This is making it so I can not upgrade to 3.11. So how would I also get 3.11 as the primary interpreter? I just want everything to be clean not 30 vm different interpreters and I need 3.11

Hi @bhizzle22 and welcome to the Python Discourse! As far as I can tell from your post, your problem appears to be with the Pycharm IDE GUI rather than anything directly under the control of Python itself. I’m not a Pycharm experts and you’re probably better off asking in a Pycharm-specific forum, but here’s a high-level summary:

You can download Python 3.11 from, and then install it for your OS (Windows), Then, you’ll need to find the path to the Python executable you installed; if you’re not sure of the path, in your system command prompt run py -3.11 -c "import sys; print(sys.executable)" which should output the path to the Python 3.11 you installed. Finally, enter that path in the Pycharm dialog you’ve down and you should be good to go, barring any issues with Pycharm itself.

Best of luck!