PyCharm: How to make output window the focus when running a program?

I have the latest version of Pycharm CE on Windows 10 Pro installed about a week ago. I’m doing a tutorial on Python so I’m new to Python and Pycharm.

  1. When I run a program, and my program asks for input, how do I get the output window to have the focus so I can just enter my input?
  2. Also, how do I find the version of Pycharm I have? I looked in various menus and do not see it, nor do I see a help icon, which is where the version normally is.

Thank you for helping a Pynoob!

Hi !

  1. I personally use CTRL+TAB for navigating through the different files and windows in PyCharm. As detailed in this answer:
    Keyboard shortcut to switch between python console and the editor in pycharm - Stack Overflow
    there are other, more specific shortcuts available, but for some reason they never worked on my setup (Ubuntu 22.04, PyCharm 2023.3.2 CE). It never bothered me too much though.
  2. Just go to Help | About :slightly_smiling_face:

I totally did not see the full menu bar appear when I clicked the hamburger menu. I found it. Thanks!