Pycharm, Jupyter, Spyder or Shell command


I am new to Python and this forum.
Can anyone tell me is there any major difference between Pycharm, Jupyter and Spyder.
I have just started to learn Python. Am not sure which IDE I should prefer.

Is it okay if I learn only one of these, will it be sufficient.
Are these built for specific purpose or each one of them performs all the operations.
Can anyone please help me in this.

Hi Sachin, and welcome!

Your question about major differences between Pycharm, Jupyter and
Spyder is a bit like asking if there are major differences between a
Toyota Camry, a Ford F-series pickup, and a Tesla. The answer is Yes.
No. Maybe. It depends.

They all do more-or-less the same thing. The most important functions
are basically the same: if you can drive a Camry, you can drive a Tesla.
The steering wheels will be in the same place. But they will differ in
little things. One may be better than the others for some jobs, and
worse in other ways. The minor controls may be different, and just
because you know how to change the control panel time on the Camry
doesn’t mean you know how to do it on the Ford.

The same applies to IDEs like Pycharm, Jupyter and Spyder. They all do
more-or-less the same thing, but may do it in different ways.

Jupyter is specialised for scientific computing, and is more of an
enhanced interactive interpreter than an IDE. Pycharm and Spyder are
more general. Jupyter is very pupular with scientists, so if you are
doing scientific computing, you will probably find it useful to know how
to use Jupyter. Otherwise it’s a matter of personal choice. Learn one,
learn them all, learn another one, or don’t use any of them, whatever
you prefer.

(It isn’t compulsory to use an IDE. All you need for Python is a text
editor and command line console/terminal.)

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Hi Steven,

Thanks a lot for the help. Could not have asked for more better explanation.
Being an auto aficionado myself, could relate to the examples quickly.

Have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:

Howdy Sachin,

Jupyter is not really an IDE, although one can use it instead of one.

The new versions of Spyder are, as far as I know, available just for Python 3.*.

That is one reason why I prefer VSCodium (I use it in connection with Blythooon) as IDE. VSCodium is the community version of Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, which is free and open source.

By the way, you can also use Jupyter inside VSCode (or VSCodium):

So, it is not an “either … or” decision. Have fun…