PyCharm problem

I have a problem with pycharm…result is always “Process finished with exit code 0”.

I choose interpreter (C:\Users\Milos\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\python.exe), but not working.

On my another PC, everything is ok, but on this one I have some issue…

Why do you think the result “Process finished with exit code 0” is an issue? An exit code of 0 usually is used to indicate that the script ran successfully.

Yes, but for simple thing (5 + 5 …) result need to be 10, not “Process finished with exit code 0”…I have on another PC(Home) same version PyCharm and Python, and everithing is working. This is company PC, and I thing that I have some issue with permissions on folders or something like that. I set compiler, everithing, but still not working