Pygame-ce isn't importing and idrk what to do

I recently started coding in python, and I’ve been trying to get into game design. The only issue I’ve been having so far is importing pygame, which is kinda important. But then it gives me an error saying that pygame isn’t accessible by Pylance and Idk how to make it accessible. Thank you.

    # this is what my code looks like
    import pygame

If you have recently started coding in Python, please take a while to learn the fundamentals of the language first before trying to use something like Pygame. Making graphical programs, and worrying about events and timing (e.g. making something happen when the user clicks on something, but without making everything stop and wait until the click happens) is actually fairly complex, and you will need a proper base to build upon.

Pygame does not come with Python. You need to install it separately in order to use it in your program; and it needs to be installed for the Python that you are using to run the code. Since you are using Pylance, I assume that also means you are using VS Code to write the code. Check to make sure you understand which Python it’s using. Tools like this can create “virtual environments” and manage them for you - they are very convenient (and can help protect an important “main” Python from problems when an installation goes wrong), but you need to be aware that they each get their own separate installs for third-party libraries.

Alright, I will do that.
Thank you so much.