PyGotham talks - and sprint/hackday?

PyGotham will be October 4th and 5th in New York City and I do plan to be there. Packaging talks:

Tickets for PyGotham usually sell out, so if you want to go, register soon.

PyGotham doesn’t host sprints, but I know several packaging developers will be in the area and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. If Bloomberg, Google, NYU, Datadog, or another NYC org wants to host, it would be neat to have a hackday on Thursday the 3rd or Sunday the 6th! Speak up here?


@trishankatdatadog @Julian @woodruffw @bhrutledge @pganssle @dustin and other people who are potential PyGotham attendees (just guessing: @JustinCappos @jaraco, for instance) – I’d like to get further in planning this!

Tentative plan right now is that there’ll be an NYC Python event on Thursday night Oct. 3rd at Datadog. People who have never made Python packages can learn how to create their first packages – getting over the intimidation factor – and people who have questions about their existing packaging problems can come to “office hours” with Python packaging experts. So if a few people could volunteer to help with this, that would be great - please speak up in a reply.

I’d also like to to get at least 3-4 existing packaging developers (experts and intermediate-skilled people) together for a day, either on Thursday Oct. 3rd or Sunday Oct. 6th, to break code review logjams, make architectural decisions, and even promote new maintainers – basically along the lines of what I describe in “Software In Person”. If you’d be interested in participating in that hackday, please mark by “liking” (the “heart” button) dates that work for you, and I’ll check the aggregate sometime Monday to make a decision:

If you would like to participate in an NYC hackday and roughly 10am-5pm Thursday Oct. 3rd works for you, like this post.


If you would like to participate in an NYC hackday and roughly 10am-5pm Sunday Oct. 6th works for you, like this post.


Cool :slight_smile: – I possibly can make the October 3 stuff, but bit more likely the 6, so ticked my vote there.

@sumanah Datadog should be able to host the hackday as well (Oct 3 works better for me). Let me check and get back to you…