Pyhon for Bingo Webapp Project

Hi all.

We am planning to develop a non-gambling bingo webapp and we would like to get your opinion if python will be a good tool fir this project.

Each player will receive 3 random bingo cards
The webapp automatically dab/mark the 3 bingo cards with red tranparent circle for numbers on the bingo cards that match the CALLED numbers.
CALLED numbers are displayed on the screen.
The 1st player who presses the BINGO BUTTON wins. The webapp checks if the player’s card matches the bingo pattern being played.

We want to assume 10,000 concurrent players.

Can python be used for such project?
The project is not databased intensive, not much animation aside from the CALLED numbers and dad/mark numbers.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

You could definitely use Python for this. Instagram is a Python app. Spotify is a Python app.

Ultimately, it’s going to rely on you and your team’s ability to develop and manage the webapp (such as managing infrastructure.)

It’s definitely possible. I would just be mindful of the inefficiency of rendering new html and dispatching it to 10,000 clients, just for each new bingo number (a random integer between 1 and 100).

Can you handle the rendering in browser, and just broadcast out each number called? Or is cheating prevention important, even for a non-gambling app?

We plan to have the rendering of new balls called in browser, if possible yo make it fast.

Historical list of numbers called is updated and bingo card dab/marks are also updated. Is this possible and fast on the browser?

Is there a possibility of cheating on the briwser side? I plan to check the bingo card issued and bingo card numbers on the server side whenever BINGO is pressed.

Oh of course - you’re quite right. I could have gotten quite carried away over thinking anti-cheating.

It’s simplest and elegant to do exactly what Bingo callers do in the IRL game: not care what players do in their own browsers in the slightest, and simply verify claims of wins against their initial bingo card.

I wonder if Pyscript could do this, it’s a somewhat new project by Anaconda I believe. It seems to have good backing. It’s python that runs directly in the browser via tags.

  1. Info.
  2. Try it online.
  3. Would Pyscript be too slow because it runs in the browser?

Some questions you may want to ask yourself about the project in general.

  1. Who will host the app once it’s up?
  2. Are there any bandwidth limits for the hosting service you use?
  3. What’s the monthly cost of the service? Where will you get the money from?
  4. Initial capital investments will eventually get used up. What’s your plan to help it be self-sustaining from a financial point of view?
  5. With 10,000 online players at once, how will you manage resources like program processing or bandwidth? Can you scale up manually? Automatically?