PyPA "Gardeners"

Just a quick FYI, I’ve created a team on the PyPA Github called “gardeners”, aka @pypa/gardeners. I went through all of the repositories under the PyPA org and I’ve added permissions to this team for dealing with triaging, using the new GitHub triage permissions (can only modify issues and PRs, not touch code).

The idea here is that we can create a team of people who have the particular skill set of going through and tending to the issues (e.g. gardening!) and give them broad mandate to apply that across all of the PyPA. This might mean tagging issues as beginner, helping to direct people to the correct repositories if they’re filing it in the wrong place, or even just helping with organization.

Currently @sumanah is the only person I’ve granted this permission to, however I think that if anyone in particular is interested in having this role, they should go ahead and speak up, or if people know others that would fit well within this role talk to them and let’s see if they want it.

If any project wants to explicitly opt out of this team have triage permissions (again, can only affect issues and PRs, not code) feel free to comment either here, or me privately and we can drop the permissions on your repository.


I would be interested in this. Can gardeners transfer issues?

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There is also a reasonable argumeent to be made that we should just auto opt in everyone in the PyPA into being a gardener, since our issues tend to cross project boundaries as it is anyways.

In regards as to the exact permissions, they are currently:

  • Add and remove labels from issues and pull requests
  • Add and remove assignees from issues and pull requests
  • Close and reopen all issues and pull requests

They’re planning to add:

  • Request reviews
  • Add and remove milestones
  • Mark issues as duplicate
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To be clear, you’d like to be a gardener as well?

I’d like to be a gardener on pypa. (Nice name!)

I’m personally ambivalent to the idea of handing these out to everyone. It might be a good idea to restrict access to folks who have 2FA enabled, as an incentive to pypa members. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll also put forth the names of @ncoghlan and @theacodes as well for this.

As an aside, we should probably change the pip-helpers to use these permissions now that we have them. :slight_smile:

Yes @dstufft I would like to become a gardener on PyPa.

I’m all on board with being a gardener, but I may have to refocus my packaging efforts in the coming months.

I’m strongly in favor of just having everyone in the PyPA org have this power. I think we should do a better job of shared ownership of all key projects.

@dstufft Can gardeners also transfer issues across projects, today or in the future?

I think that would be super useful to have and if so, everyone in PyPA should have this. Otherwise, I’m okay either way.

I’d also love for a gardener to be able to transfer an issue across projects and I do not think the gardener role currently includes this permission; Donald, if you agree, could you tell our GitHub product liaison this?

According to, the “Transfer issues” permission is limited to the Write/Maintain/Admin roles, but I agree this would be good feedback for Github.