PyPI further feedback

The PSF conducted a survey and interviewed PyPI users to understand common themes of improvements that would add value to PyPI. In order to consolidate these findings, we are conducting a poll that is open to anyone. Sharing feedback will allow us to decide our next course of development efforts.

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Has anyone worked on putting this into’s top banner?

I wonder where are these feature requests listed? In other words, is there an issue tracker where these requests have been the most upvoted or something?

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I’m asking because I’d like to know who and why is asking for private packages on PyPI. But I don’t want to hijack this thread with my opinions on the topic.

The feature requests are from the recent survey and interviews we have conducted. We will be sharing the results from all the surveys once we close this poll.

So the survey was for “organisations” (which can be interpreted loosely, but clearly isn’t targetting individual users) and the options in this poll are things that came out of that survey? That definitely wasn’t clear from the poll.

I guess that explains why none of the features we can choose between really appealed to me (I put what I would find useful in the “any other feedback” section).