[pypi help] any possible config pypi project download whl file from other site

1: sometime we register a project: xxxxx at office pypi server: https://pypi.org/
2: then user can do : python -m pip install xxxxx
3: if package xxxxx size is so big, eg, 20G(many os, many python version…), then we need ask pypi expand project disk limit size, which will take a long time, or pypi will have disk pressure?
4: as a workround , may upload file to a private CDN to https:/yyyyyyy.html,
but need user download file like: python -m pip xxxxxx -f https:/yyyyyyy.html, which may not friendly
to user

so as a question:
any possible config pypi project download whl file from other site

may pypi Setting have a option to config project pypi server auto redirect download file from customer link?

then user will do not care about args for pip install xxxx, also pypi server do not care about the project disk size

You can set --extra-index-url/--find-links in a configuration file or environment variable, see the documentation.

this config is at USER site, which is also not friendly to user, because all user need config this

any solution config is at https://pypi.org/ → Project -->config site?

Interesting idea. So you mean a PyPI package/project could delegate the storage of a binary/source distribution to some place outside of PyPI?

This both sounds frightening and interesting at the same time.

I can immediately see a risk of that the delegated storage going offline and/or is lost forever.

I haven’t wrapped my head around any security implications, but it’s bound to be some challenges there.

Not sure what to think of it. But I have been in your situation before and I have to say the --extra-index-url or --find-links was never a problem.

No, sorry. PyPI deliberately stopped hosting links to external sources some time ago (for reasons involving reliability, security, availability, etc). So there’s no PyPI-level solution by design - using additional indexes is an opt-in choice made by the end user and cannot be done “invisibly”.


ok! get it