PyPI localization + accessibility progress

Summary: This month, grant-funded contractors are focusing on accessibility and localisation/internationalization work. We aim to finish these milestones this month – PyPI will be accessible and standards-compliant, and users will be able to use the site in a language other than English.


As I talked about elsewhere, the Open Technology Fund gave PSF a grant to work on security, accessibility, and localization improvements to Warehouse.


We’ve already made a lot of progress here – the milestone has 74 closed issues & PRs – in fixing Warehouse to comply with WCAG and other guidelines. A few days ago, @nlhkabu also ran an accessibility user test with a person who uses a screen reader, who had a very positive experience with no major issues, and we are fixing the few small issues that the test raised.

We anticipate finishing this milestone by the end of September.


The team began work on the Localisation milestone in August. @nlhkabu and @woodruffw have now converted the majority of our templates for string localisation and have a work-in-progress PR to add a localisation framework to Warehouse. We’ve also started progress on other related tasks, such as choosing a transation platform and setting up integration with it.

We anticipate starting to recruit translators in a few weeks, and aiming for a full translation (probably in French, to start) to be available and usable by the end of September. (A full translation means that all the strings that Warehouse produces for the user – buttons, menus, standard labels, etc. – are available in multiple languages. This doesn’t mean that the Project Descriptions/READMEs of individual projects will be available in multiple languages.)

You can help:

  • If you read/write a language that’s not English, and you’re willing to spend 30 minutes helping us translate, speak up in a comment here?
  • Check it out: now we have a sitemap! (PR #6564.) If this makes you think of pages we should have, but don’t, file an issue?

And thanks to Daniel Ip for frontend fixes in August!

As always, you can read our meeting agenda and notes on the wiki as we go.

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:raising_hand_man:t2: for Hindi.

For Czech; I can either contribute or find a volunteer :slight_smile: