PyPI moving my Privacy Policy into my wheel

I uploaded a package on Test PyPI that includes an sdist and a wheel. The sdist has a file in it. I didn’t include that file in the wheel since I didn’t think that kind of file was supposed to be included in a wheel. But when I downloaded the wheel from Test PyPI it had the file in it.

I’m positive this wasn’t in the wheel when I uploaded it (I double checked the original local wheel). So I’m guessing Test PyPI must have added this in from my sdist? I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this/is this behavior documented anywhere? I also presume that if it happens on Test PyPI it would also happen on regular PyPI?

Anyone with any experience or knowledge about this who could shed some light as to what is going on would be much appreciated!


This definitely doesn’t happen: PyPI (and TestPyPI) make zero modifications to the files that are uploaded to them, and will always serve the exact same bits for individual files.

Can you share the local wheel here and a link to the uploaded wheel on PyPI so we can compare and maybe figure out why you’re seeing a discrepancy?

Hi @dustin, thanks for the quick reply. Based on what you said I thought I should double check again so I made a new version, built again, and uploaded it again…and it seems you are right, it is not there. I’m not sure what I did the first time, or what local file I checked, but it must’ve not been the same one.

Sorry about that and thanks for the help!

If you run pip with 3 -v options it recites the URLs of the wheel
files. You can fetch those with eg wget or curl and inspect them,