PyPI Org Account Project Update - III

The PyPI organization account project has made considerable progress since the last update. Sprint 3 included features for deleting an account and renaming an account has been reviewed and ready for testing. Sprint 4 included features for transferring and creating a new project within an org account. Sprint 4 features are being reviewed. Sprint 5 has been extended to June 24 due to development team scheduled absence.

We also conducted the first user test interview. Round 1 of user testing included all features completed in Sprint 1 and 2. This includes features for creating an account, adding collaborators and assigning user roles to collaborators. The feedback we have received in the first interview has given us insight into ways to improve the visual styling and the UX. Round 2 of testing will include features from Sprint 3 and Sprint 4. We hope to complete this round by June.

The meeting minutes and other details of the project can be found here- PackagingWG - PSF Wiki