PyPI – Package name "too similar" to an existing project

When trying to publish a package called multisearch (a simple utility that opens multiple searches for user’s query using webbrowser) to PyPI, I got the following error:

HTTP Error 400: The name 'multisearch' is too similar to an existing project. See for more information.

Now I’m curious:

  1. What makes this package specifically too similar to another project, and is that intended? There’s a couple of projects with multisearch in their name (I can’t add more than two links as a new user, search PyPI for multisearch.)

  2. Generally, what should be my next steps? How do I figure out a package name that’s good enough for PyPI? I’ve found some unsatisfactory answers, are they correct in saying there’s simply no way of figuring out a compatible package name without manually reworking the project over and over and simply trying to publish the results?

Additionally, this issue on the topic has been unfortunately closed:

Thank you :slight_smile:

The PyPI search isn’t fuzzy, but the other package appears to be multi-search. I haven’t actually looked at actual algorithm used, but I imagine it at least includes case-folding and stripping all non-alphanumeric characters before checking for a match, which would be a superset of PEP 503 normalization that’s used to actually match the package names you enter with the project names on PyPI.