Pysimplegui on android and HID device breaks soft keyboard

i have this problem using Pysimplegui and Pydroid on Android device (it’s a Samsung modern smartphone).
If i click with my finger in an edit gui gield, it’s open the soft keyboard. That’s ok, but after, if i fire on barcode by a HID device, bluetooth linked to my device, in the edit field go the correct barcode fired. But after - that’s the problem - if i click with my finger in the edit gui field, the soft keyboard do not appear.
I try to look for all options for keyboard and on the hid device but a do not find anything.
If i fire on texteditor - no pydroid i mean - with the HID device, all works well : get the correct barcode and if i click with finger the keyboard appers on the screeen … so i thinl it’s a problem with pydroid/pysimplegui?
Thanks for help,

Pysimplegui is a fairly thin wrapper around one of several GUI systems as backends, so it’s almost certain that the issue is not with that library.

It would be much easier to reproduce your issue if you offered us some code!

But my guess is that you’re using the default GUI system with pysimplegui, and that’s tkinter. But it might be different when you’re on mobile…

Quite likely the issue is in the actual GUI backend.

  1. A snippet of code with just the key parts would be very helpful!!
  2. Have you tried using other Android devices?
  3. Have you tried using a different GUI backend, like say Qt or WxPython?

Thanks for your reply!
0. I will send it next time I go to my the client

  1. Yes … i’m afraid it’s a phenomenon that occurs in newer versions of Android … I hope that’s not the case … i have 5 android devices at my client and all works well but the new have this issue …
  2. I haven’t tried any other type of pysimplegui on Android, just the basic one for tkinter
    Ok thanks agian, i will send you, next week, an example directly from the phone…