Python 3.10 release party

As it seems that I didn’t have enough work dealing with the multiple release blockers that have been raised these weeks I am also preparing a Python 3.10 release party.

We will be doing an stream, co-hosted by the good people of Python discord channel. The URL for the stream is this one:

The release party will start on October 4th at 17:00 UTC+0.

In this stream, some core developers (@iritkatriel , @willingc, @brandtbucher and @ambv) will be talking about Python 3.10 features and some sneak peak on Python 3.11 and beyond, talking about the core Dev in residence role and other things with some time for moderated Q&A. I will be doing the release live and will also cover what I am doing. Is a fantastic opportunity to watch me make mistakes live :slight_smile:

The main purpose of the stream is to raise excitement about Python 3.10, explain the new features to users, trying to get the community closer to the core Dev team and allowing them to meet some of the new core Devs (Brandt and Irit). Also, funny party hats will be used!

I hope you find the event interesting. Python 3.10 is going to be a fantastic release and we want it to be even better :slight_smile:

Please, reach out to me if you have any question or suggestion.

Regards from very rainy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado