Python-3.11.0 build fail

While trying to build python 3.11.0 build on my system is failing at building freeze modules, with the following lines printed,

</> ./Programs/_freeze_module importlib._bootstrap /home/m/python/Python-3.11.0/Lib/importlib/ Python/frozen_modules/importlib._bootstrap.h
make: execvp: ./Programs/_freeze_module: Invalid function argument
Makefile:1204: recipe for target ‘Python/frozen_modules/importlib._bootstrap.h’ failed
make: *** [Python/frozen_modules/importlib._bootstrap.h] Error 127</>

can someone please guide me on how to correct this.

From the little information you provide, it seems the invocation of execvp is failing. You didn’t describe “my system”. What operating system/version/compiler details can you provide that might help others work out what might be going wrong?

Which commands did you type? Does it work if you try again? How did you get Python source code?

This issue has been resolved now, There was a mistake while setting system parameter which lead to this issue. Thank you for all those who replied.