Python 3.12 in AIX

Python 3.12 build is broken in AIX for quite sometime.

There are three separate build issues in AIX and there are PRs out there which fixes these issues.

Other two PRs are 96429 & 98768 (Being a new user, I am not able to put more than two links here ).
I know this may not be the right place to ask for review & merge of PRs , but I don’t know where to go and ask help. I request the maintainers to have a look at the PRs as these are minor changes only.

Unfortunately AIX is not an officially supported platform: PEP 11 – CPython platform support | . At this point it would require a core developer to step forward and be willing to act as the AIX expert and to maintain the support to get AIX-specific changes in (generic changes the benefit a supported platform are always welcome).

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Thanks for the reply.
I get it that AIX is not in the officially supported platform list. I am just hoping some one will review these PRs and merge as these are very minor changes which will make python 3.12.X compile in AIX.

Until AIX fixes are merged into the upstream Python project, you can include pending patches in a fork and maintain these patches there.