Python 3.13.0 beta 1 is near!

Today is the scheduled release date for Python 3.13.0 beta 1. Sometime today I will be closing down the main branch, so that GitHub CI and buildbots can settle down and finish actually testing everything that will get into 3.13 before I start the release process.

If you have anything you want to get into 3.13 beta 1, let me know, either in this thread, in email (, or on the Core Dev discord. (I don’t just mean after I lock down the main branch, I mean as soon as you read this message. Like, now. Go and check any PRs you have pending. I’ll wait.)

Otherwise, new features will have to be pushed to 3.14 (and be @hugovk’s problem), and other fixes will have to wait for beta 2. If you’re not sure if your thing is a feature or you would like to find a solution to get something into 3.13 anyway, talk to me.


It would be nice to get gh-118660: Add second type parameter to (Async)ContextManager by JelleZijlstra · Pull Request #118681 · python/cpython · GitHub in.

gh-118729: Temporarily skip `test_multiprocessing_pool_circular_import` by colesbury · Pull Request #118732 · python/cpython · GitHub skips the problematic test leading to the free-threading Tsan hangs. Probably doesn’t matter much for end users, but would make the GitHub CI more stable.

Alas, we were very close to a beta 1 release when a crashing bug was discovered that potentially affected too many users, rendering the release less useful than desired for testing. Given the time of day in this part of the world I’ve unlocked the main branch and will try again tomorrow.

However, as a personal favour to me, please, don’t go crazy with the changes overnight :slight_smile: Temporary main shutdowns for releasing get announced here, as well as the coredev discord.

I’ll be closing down the main branch again soon, in an attempt to release beta 1 for realsies this time I’m sure!