Python 3.8 Packaging - W10 x64 20H2 error 0x80070003

Hi All,

I am an application packager for MECM, with Altran Romania, part of Capgemini.
Scenario: I am attempting to package(with PSADT) the latest version of Python 3.8 for it to be installed as system, with MECM in a domain environment, for all users of the targeted device.
I get the following error, when executing the installer on a freshly installed virtual machine of Windows 10 20H2, as system, with PSEXEC.
I would like to find out what parameters I would have to pass to the installer in order to install it silently as system.

Could you please help me with information on how the installer could be installed silently under system context, on domain machines?

Thank you in advance!
Adrian O.

Error print screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Installation log:

I know some people have had trouble with running the installer as SYSTEM. These appear to be related to the installer technology we use (which is the same that many significant Microsoft products use/have used).

Looking at the logs, it looks you like might be helped by specifying InstallAllUsers=1 on the command line (see the other command line options for more info). It’s failing when trying to install a per-user package, which is likely never going to work as SYSTEM.

You might also consider just doing a straight file copy and apply your own registry updates (see PEP 514 - everything else that is set by the installer is just to manage updates/repairs). But it depends on what your intended use is - this approach is great for many scenarios, but not all of them.

This was the key for it to work.

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