Python and GUI and dropdowns

I’m new! I am trying to put a mm, dd, yyyy dropdowns into a GUI in Python and no matter what column I pick or adding padx and pady, nothing allows me to align the 3 dropdowns in the proper place in the GUI.

Any suggestions?

What library are you using to make the GUI?

Could you show an example of what you tried, a picture of what result you got, and explain what is wrong with the resulting alignment?

My problem seems to be that I can import tkinter and I can import tkinter as tk without a problem, but when I try to get ttk Python won’t load it. I checked the contents of the download and it does include ttk. I have even uninstalled Python and reinstalled it.

What exactly does this mean? For example, did you try to run some code and get an error message from it? In that case, please read the pinned thread for formatting guidance, then show a proper minimal reproducible example and the corresponding, complete error message (as plain text, formatted the same way as the code; copy and paste starting from the line that says Traceback (most recent call last): until the end).