Python bot won't print


So to start I am admittedly new to both Python (coding in general) and building bots but I am trying to learn as much as I can. Looking at all the other posts here I have a feeling I am in the wrong spot or everyone else is just so much more advanced in this area.

I am creating a general use Discord bot for fun and am running into an issue when getting it to print in the console. I was able to get it to do so fine before and no amount of tinkering based on other templates or guides seems to fix it. I have attached my code and was seeing if anyone else noticed something?

Thanks in advance.

Please don’t post pictures of code:

For what it is worth, programming bots is often not for the faint-hearted. They often run in strange environments where the usual conditions don’t apply, and the APIs often assume the programmer is very advanced, and may be badly documented.

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The issue here is that your print command is overwriting the built-in print, so you’re calling that instead.

You should rename that function to something like print_command, and then in the bot.command decorator you can pass name="print" so you can still use print to invoke the command on discord.

Good luck with your bot!

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I saw the guide of how to just a bit ago but thank you for the link!

Thank you for responding! I was able to finally get it to work and that was along the lines of the solution.