Python compatibility

Hello…please consider me as beginner in python…would like to ask the following:
1.) Python can run in older windows version like windows 7 and below?
2.) Is python can run without interpreter or any python installed in pc?

Really looking forward for your support…thanks a lot.

Hi and welcome.

  1. Win7 for sure. It’s what I used before the switch GNU Linux. I can’t say for older such as XP, but sure, why not, so long as the machine is air gaped from the Internet. Win7 also, as support is no longer provided and as such, one has to consider such machines as way more insecure than a machine running an up-to-date OS.

  2. There is a wrapper (I don’t recall it’s name) that can, or could, take a Python script and output a Win32 (I think) .exe file. Not sure about 64bit Win OS – sorry for the lack of detail.

edit: a quick internet search turns up the one that was in my head, but hiding:

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The latest version of Python does not support Windows 7 and needs to be lowered. It is recommended to use about Python 3.5
Regarding Python running in a pc without an interpreter, you may need to package it into an exe file, or use some online environment


Thanks a lot…our machine computers are windows 7 and below…and all offline, running without connected to internet…Any advice how to run the python? thanks

Find the most recent version of Python that supports your OS.

Download the executable installer, not the web installer, and copy to a USB stick, CD-R, DVD-R or other removable media.

Copy from the removable media to each of your computers. Run the installer. Now you have Python.


Better yet, upgrade to Windows 10

Why? Support of Python 3.5 ended almost two years ago! Python 3.8 should work on Windows 7: Python Releases for Windows |


Just to note, this is only necessarily true of the official releases of the CPython implementation. Other distributions (Anaconda, WinPython, choco, cygwin, etc) might have different requirements, and certainly other implementations (e.g. PyPy) are likely to.

A great poet once said,

Or, remixed in Pythonic EAFP style,

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Anything between 3.5-3.8 is possible

Yes, but the statement in question was

In fact, the opposite is true; the authoritative stance of the Python development team is to actively recommend not using Python 3.5, especially on Windows, as it is end of life and no longer supported. There isn’t a plausible reason why anything lower than 3.7 should be recommended for such users, and preferably 3.8, particularly for a new beginner (as is the OP) rather than someone with a legacy codebase.

While I’m sure you had good intentions, next time please try to remember double-check before making an authoritative-sounding recommendation (it may have been lost in translation, but just FYI the way you phrased it in English makes it sound like a statement of fact rather than your own personal recommendation), so as to avoid spreading information that is incorrect to others (particularly among beginners, who are least equipt to recognize it themselves). Thanks!

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terribly sorry