Python Developers Survey 2022 is ready for your input!

This year we are conducting the fourth iteration of the official Python Developers Survey. The goal is to capture the current state of the language and the ecosystem around it. By comparing the results with last year’s, we can identify and share with everyone the hottest trends in the Python community and the key insights into it.

We encourage you to contribute to our community’s knowledge. The survey should only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Contribute to the Python Developers Survey 2022!

The survey is organized in partnership between the Python Software Foundation and JetBrains. After the survey is over, we will publish the aggregated results and randomly choose 20 winners (among those who complete the survey in its entirety), who will each receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card or a local equivalent.

Thanks for participating and sharing!


Hi @Deb,

Any idea when the results will be out? I think a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the survey results to be out :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry to leave you hanging! We shared it on social but forgot to post it here, enjoy: Python Developers Survey 2021 Results

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Err, that’s a link to the 2021 results?

The 2022 results don’t seem to be available yet (the usual URL gives a 404).

There is a 2022 Developer Ecosystem Report, though, which doesn’t have full detail, but at least shows some numbers for 2022.

2022 results are here: Python Developers Survey 2022 Results (

Unfortunately the raw data linked to at the end is still 2021’s. I have mailed both PSF and JetBrains about this and got no response.

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Thanks for sharing!

The " Download the anonymized survey responses" link still points to 2021’s raw data, but if you scroll a bit further down, the yellow “Download Survey’s Raw Data” button has 2022’s raw data.

Thanks! It’s interesting that Conda is used by more than 20% of the respondents. @h-vetinari @pzwang