Python Django Upgrade issues

Django-celery upgrade to Celery

Out of curiosity, why Python 3.6.8? Python 3.7 is nearly end-of-life.

It’s been a while since transitioning from Python 2 to 3 was a major part of my day-to-day, so I don’t have specific advice. I would probably see how far you can get with a tool like pyupgrade. Then for compatibility shims, you could look into future and six.

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Have you checked on the celery issue tracker/discussion board? They may have migration docs somewhere, and will almost certainly have people who’ve been around long enough to advise you.

I look on the categories section to find celery issue tracker discussions couldn’t find any, could you please point me out to the discussions forum.


Their GitHub repository has an issue tracker and discussion board. On my phone so I don’t have a link, but it wasn’t hard to Google earlier.

I was able to find discussion board on GitHub, couldn’t find anything related but i went ahead and posted the issue for suggestions.Hopefully i will get some helpful information.

Thanks for your help Chris!!