Python Docs Theme Release 2021.5

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that python-docs-theme has been release to PyPI.

Thanks to the hard work and patience of Olga Bulat, @obulat Python’s doc theme is now responsive. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release by filing issues, writing PRs, reviewing PRs, and testing the theme. It was a great team effort.

Here are the highlights from the CHANGELOG.rst:

  • Make the theme responsive (#46)
    Contributed by Olga Bulat.
  • Use Python 3.8 for the Github Actions (#71)
    Contributed by Stéphane Wirtel.
  • Use default pygments theme (#68)
    Contributed by Aaron Carlisle.
  • Test Github action to validate the theme against docsbuild scripts. (#69)
    Contributed by Julien Palard.
  • Add the copy button to pycon3 highlighted code blocks. (#64)
    Contributed by Julien Palard.

I’m pretty excited to hear that it’s now responsive!
Could you please use this thread to announce when it is deployed
to I can’t wait to try it out on my phone!

I just bumped the theme for versions using Sphinx 3.2.1 (Python 3.10 and 3.11), for the record here’s what I did:

docsbuild@docs:/srv/docsbuild$ ./venv-with-sphinx-3.2.1/bin/python -m pip --upgrade python-docs-theme

I now build one manually to avoid waiting 24 for the cron to rebuild all docs, it should be fast as I don’t have to build PDFs:

docsbuild@docs:/srv/docsbuild$ ./venv/bin/python ./scripts/ --branch 3.11 --quick --language en

and boom it’s in production for:

(On my phone I have an issue: the version and language switchers are empty :frowning: am I alone?)


Thanks, it looks great on my phone! However, the switch point at width of 1024 is rather unfortunate: it makes reading on half of a full HD screen difficult due to smaller font size and longer lines.

Since the desktop variant actually works quite well at 720 px, would it be a good idea to use that value instead? I’m sorry if this is not the right place to provide feedback and/or suggestions though.


I see the version switcher but not the language switcher below 1024px. I’ll file an issue on the theme repo.