Python doesn’t find module although it is installed in github workflow

I have created a package containing some python files using Built the package using pip install .
I installed the package in my project as it is not published using command ‘pip install git+’. But I am getting error as ModuleNotFound in github workflow. You can see in image that package is successfully installed and list


Is pip install git+ the actual command you ran, or are you just using that as a prototypical example of what you ran? That command installs httpie, which I’m assuming is not your project.

If you actually ran a different command that actually installed your project, the first thing I’d recommend checking is whether your Python code is actually included when building the project. If you build a wheel for your project and list its contents (It’s just a zipfile), do you see your project’s *.py files laid out as you expect? If not, please show us the contents of your

Firstly thank you for your reply John. ‘pip install git+’ this command is a example to tell how I installed the package. My issue got resolved actually, I was installing the package in different virtual environment so I was getting the error as modulenotfound.