Python for Android app development WITHOUT Google (SDK)

Hi all,
I have a question regarding app Android development with Python.
I would like to create an APK file based on my Python code without dealing with Google.
What are the possibilities?

I followed this instruction until the point where I realized that Google comes into play!

Thanks for the support

Until & unless Android devices support file formats other than .apk I doubt you could “go without” Google. So, I would look out for what other file formats does Android devices support.

Is this something where Beeware BeeWare · GitHub could help?


The BeeWare tools rely on the Android SDK, so you can’t avoid Google with that solution.

Thanks for the super fast replies. You guys are awesome.
I have tried Beeware, Buildozer and Kivy…they all rely on the SDK which comes with some terms to agree to with Google. I am a complete noob in this field thats why my question may seem stupid. How do people create open source apps for the FDroid for example? I cant imagine that they agree to any terms with Google.
What is your opinion or idea?

Thanks for the support of a super-noob :slight_smile:

Thank you Somraj for the answer. I wonder how the people do their apps for the FDroid store. I cant imagine that they agree to Google terms or use Google “stuff” at all.

Hi, in fact you only need sdk tools for signing apk (which are zip files).
Everything else could/can be done without, as the only thing that is really custom in the ndk is the linker. The question is more : is it worh the work for anybody around ?

You can sign packages using the openssl tool unless things have moved on in the Android world. More details can be found here.

But, yes, most software is developed using the Android SDK because it’s convenient for most developers, even those developing for the F-Droid store. Debian provide packages for many SDK components so you could use those in preference to downloading the SDK from Google.