Python incorrectly installed

I typed “python3 --version” in my terminal and it does give me version Python 3.8.10, so it indicates that python is installed on my computer. However, I tried “whereis python3” and then it leads me to the python3.exe commands. I also searched for python on my computer and nothing popped out.

I also can’t uninstall python because it “does not exist” on my computer.

Does anyone know how to fix it? I would really really appreciate that!

What do you think is wrong and needs fixing?
Python 3.8 is an old version you may want to use python 3.11 or 3.10

Can you please confirm which OS you are using ?

Because I can’t find it anywhere on my computer. Normally, when I want to find some software, I just need to tap the windows button and search for its name. I did that and nothing pops out.

Windows 11.

On windows you can use the py.exe to run python.
This lists all the pythons that are installed.

py -0

This runs:


On windows python is installed as python.exe not python3 that is typical on Unix and macOS. But I recommend using py.exe and not trying to run a python.exe.

If you have a “python3” command on Windows, then probably the app distribution is installed. If so, then “python3.exe” is an app-execution alias that’s located in your “%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\WindowsApps” directory. The app is installed in “%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps”, but that’s a managed system directory that you should never meddle with directly.

You can get Python 3.11 from the Microsoft Store, and in settings → apps → aps & features, you can remove Python 3.8. You can enable and disable app-execution aliases (e.g. “python3.11.exe”) under the “more settings” drop-down.

If you’ve never installed the desktop version from, then you will not have the “py.exe” launcher. This is not a significant problem, particularly if you only have one version of the store app installed. When tutorials and individuals online tell you to run “py” on Windows, they’re talking about the full desktop installation. Just run “python3” instead.

I searched for python 3.8 on my computer and nothing shows up. I don’t think I have any python installed. I don’t understand why would I have Python 3.8.10.

Run the following at the command line: where.exe python3

What file path(s) does it find?

kindly check the installed app
if python exist then run the command

python -m --version