Python Jedi won't Connect to Python Language Server

Hello Coders, I’m using Windows 11. On VS code I tried to run my very sample python script. --I’m learning Python at school using the book: “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes. So, I don’t much advanced code.-- Back to my problem. After trying run my script without debugging in VS code’s terminal it doesn’t open the terminal window at bottom of the app. But I can right click and select run Python file in terminal which then opens a new Window’s terminal tab. Then a message pops up for the Python terminal app but doesn’t run python file in VS code.

I have a problem with the Python Language Server for VS code on Windows 11. Randomly, when on VS code I frequently get the error message: Python Jedi couldn’t connect to Python Language Server. See the problem in this log:

Please help, other people might be having the same problem.