Python latest stable version?

Hi All,
we are planning to upgrade our python version from 3.6 to latest stable version for our project , Need help to confirm which is the latest python stable version 3.11.2 or 3.10.10 , someone please help me to get the details . we are going to upgrade the python version in our windows server , so i have to be very clear about the stable version .

See here. Both have stable releases.
If you intend to use some of the new features of 3.11, then use that one.

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Anything without an ‘a’ (for alpha), ‘b’ (beta), or ‘rc’ (release candidate) suffix is a stable release. 3.11.2 is the latest. A reason to use 3.10 instead would be if a 3rd party module you wan to use will not work on 3.11 but will on 3.10. I believe that most of the widely used packages have been updated for 3.11.

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Thank you so much