Python Learning Focus

I’m told that learning all of Python is a huge task and probably not necessary for my particular purposes. My current plan is to use Python on Selenium to automate a number of online business processes. I’d also like to learn web scraping.

Should I narrow my focus and if so, what should that focus be? Thanks in advance!!


You will most likely need moderate knowledge of python. Means, the basics like datatypes, conditionals, loops and functions till the moderate topics like classes, imports and exception handlling.

Once you are at least familiar with these concepts and able to code simple python codes by yourself, then you will most probably know your own way onwards.

People have different methods of learning and its better to follow what you are comfortable with. I would most likely watch a youtube video like “selenium automation with python in one hour”, and then once I know how it flows, I would start coding. If I get stuck, would google the doubt. I believe googling doubts is the best way anyone can ever learn.


Thank you Sanket! I will do exactly that.